Cabinet Cleaning


We have lived in our house for 8 years now and since the kids have been born I haven’t done much of the really heavy duty cleaning. We would like to move in a year so I figured it was about time to start checking things off of my to-do list. I decided to start with the kitchen and take everything out of the cabinets to scrub them from top to bottom. I stood on top of my countertop to take items off of the top of my cabinets and I was horrified. There was a very thick, sticky and dusty layer of grime. I started to jump right in by spraying it and wiping and I didn’t get very far because the dust was sticking so badly. It was similar to mopping the floor without sweeping first, just just end up with wet, dusty floors.

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My Shoes

Leela has figured out how to climb into the car and her car seat. She is miss independent and has to do it herself every time, but sometimes she doesn’t listen when we tell her its time to get into her seat. When this happens we usually have to pick her up and put her in which doesn’t make her very happy. This scenario happened the other day and while I was wrangling her into her chair her shoe fell off. I tried to get it back on but she was flailing around and wouldn’t let me so I put it on the ground and figured I would do it when we got to our destination. Within one minute of our twenty minute drive she started screaming, “my shoe, my shoe, my shoe” and this continued for the ENTIRE drive. By time we got to our destination I was beyond frustrated after listening to her scream non stop for so long.

When I got to work I was telling a coworker the story and he was laughing. Now in the moment it was not funny at all, but I can see how it would be from an outside perspective. Sometimes that is what you need, an outside perspective to make you see the other side of things. After some time passed even I could kinda laugh about it. Its all about finding the funny in the everyday moments. It might take a while for you to find it but most situations are so ridiculous that its entertaining once you think about it.

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What do you do at work?

The other day Dante and me were sitting in the living room playing and he asked me, “What do you do at work”? I can’t explain what I do to adults yet alone my 3 ½ year old, so I said, “I work on the computer and have to call people sometimes”. Then Dante asked me, “Do you take off your clothes?” I very confusedly said, “no, why would you think that” and he said, “daddy told me you do”.

Cue to me asking Joe what in the world he told Dante. Apparently Dante also asked Joe what he did at work and when Joe told him he also worked on the computer Dante then asked him, “when do you use the hose?” and Joe said, “when people are being difficult”. Dante followed with asking him, “when do you take your clothes off” and Joe told him, “I don’t but sometimes mommy does”. Clearly we have to be very careful what we say to him because he remembers and regurgitates it.

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Mom & Dad

Dante is now 3 ½ years old and that time has gone by in the blink of an eye. Lately I have noticed him calling me and Joe by Mom and Dad instead of Mommy and Daddy. It seems like an inconsequential and easily missed thing, but it shows me that he is growing up and won’t be my “little” boy forever. With this realization brings great joy and sadness. Dante is imaginative, silly, loving, cautious, sweet, kind, helpful and playful.

I absolutely love seeing him grow up into such a handsome young boy. I love being able to have conversations with him. He is very inquisitive, constantly asking questions and paying attention to EVERYTHING we say for good and bad. Dante can be shy and hold back until he gets comfortable, but once he does he is hilarious. He says things daily that make me crack up. He is oddly obsessed with being tickled, to the point that he is somewhat immune to it. He likes to play rough and run and jump all around the living room.

Dante is also so sweet and loving. Everyday he gives us big hugs and kisses. It melts my heart to hear him randomly say, “I love you”. Often he will ask, “can I give you a hug”. When he is upset about something not going his way and begins to have a meltdown instead of getting frustrated (which is really hard sometimes) I will ask him if he needs a hug and often that is enough to calm him down and be rational.

He is a great big brother… most of the time. He will hold Leela’s hand while we are out walking, hug her and cuddle on the couch with her. I know Dante will be Leela’s biggest cheerleader. At the park he encourages her and supports her when she is timid about trying something new. He will yell at the bottom of the slide to her, “you can do it, I won’t let anything happen to you”.

It has been a wonderful 3 years so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Dante Stocking
Dante Crying
Dapper Dante
Dante & Leela
Dante Phips
Dante Hipster
Dante Cheesing it up

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I hate you

I was preparing dinner the other night and I let Dante watch a couple of minutes of the movie Aladdin while I was busy. After a couple of minutes he walks into the kitchen and says, “I hate you”. I was shocked and thought maybe I misheard him so I asked him to repeat it and he said it again. I know he had no idea what he was saying because he had a smile on his face and happily said it, but I was very hurt by it and gave him a very stern talk.

I told him that we don’t say that because it isn’t nice and it hurts our feelings and he was very sad after our conversation. I felt bad that he was sad, but I also wanted to impress on him that we don’t say hurtful worlds. I assumed it was from the movie because that’s not something we ever say, but I’m not sure. To be safe it has been deleted from our DVR. I know this is the first of many discussions about what we do and don’t say. The next day he showed me that he was listening and took our conversation to heart because Joe was cutting the grass and said he hated cutting around the one area and Dante scolded him and told him, “we don’t say that word Daddy”.

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