Leela’s VBAC Birth Story

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As soon as the doctor told me that I would need to have a c-section with Dante I had it in my head that I wanted to have a VBAC with my next child. I had a completely pleasant c-section and am not against them in any way, but it is still major surgery, and I wanted to avoid it if I could. Plus Dante was only 19 months old when Leela was born and I was terrified that he would jump on me and split my incision open. There are 5 doctors in the practice that I go to and you have to rotate through all of them since you don’t know which one will be on call the night you go into labor. All of the doctors were open to a VBAC but based on little comments I could tell that one of them was not super thrilled with it but still allowed them.

My pregnancy with Leela was fairly easy, but I was so ready to have this baby, as every miserable pregnant woman is at the end. On Friday July 18th I decided to take Dante to the science center to get out of the house and distract myself. I definitely over worked myself and thought to myself, if this doesn’t put me into labor I don’t know what will. That evening around 3pm I lost my mucus plus and at 5 pm I started getting crampy. I timed my contractions from 6 pm-12:30 am and they were approximately 8 minutes apart, but nothing too painful. I finally fell asleep on the couch a little after midnight but woke up about 2 am. I tried to get comfortable on the couch again, but at 2:20 am my water broke. There was so much fluid I had to change like 5 times!

We called my mother and father in law to come over to watch Dante and we headed to the hospital about 3:30 am. I was only 1 cm when I got checked, which was disappointing, and the nurse told us to be prepared for a long day and to have the baby at 6pm. I labored from 3:30am to 7 am and contractions were getting much stronger and painful and I really wanted the epidural. I got to 3 cm at 8 am and they did the epidural. I started feeling much better pretty quickly. They then started the Pitocin at a low dose. The doctor that was on call ended up being the one that was not totally thrilled about VBAC’s but the nurses were very supportive and told me that they would be my advocate and not to let doctor pressure me into another c-section. I got to rest for a little while which was a relief since I had been up all night already. I was very surprised when the nurses checked me at 10 am and  I had progressed to 8 cm! At 10:30 am I felt a lot of pressure and I was already 10 cm…time to push.

Everything was happening much faster than I expected. This phase was so uncomfortable and pushing actually made it better. After about 20 minutes of pushing the doctor came in and I kept pushing with her. I started tearing and the doctor said it would be better if she cut me and at that point I didn’t really care. Joe was watching the whole time while holding my leg back and was horrified. Finally the babies head came out, but then her shoulders got stuck. When the doctor said shoulder dystocia I got very nervous. They started calling in other nurses and the one nurse was pushing down very hard on my stomach. She finally came out and they put her on my chest, but not for very long because they had to check her shoulder. Leela Michele Wawrykow was born on 7/19/14 at 11:15 am, 8 lbs. 1 oz. 22 inches

After what seemed like forever, they said Leela was going to be ok. The doctor then got the placenta out and started stitching me up. They brought Leela back over to me to do skin to skin and she latched on almost immediately and ate for almost 45 minutes. Contractions hurt so much, I don’t know how people do it without an epidural.  I was happy that I got to have a natural delivery and not another c section since I was able to be up and walking around pretty quickly. We were able to leave the hospital 24 hours later and start life as a family of 4!

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I Love crabs

At Dante’s school the teachers asked the kids what they love in preparation of Valentines Days.  The teacher wrote the kids responses on a heart and hung them up on the wall. I am reading through the display and most of the kids had mommy, daddy, or sister and I figured Dante’s would be similar. Nope… apparently he loves crabs.


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Dante’s Birth Story


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Picture 339

When I was pregnant I loved reading birth stories, the good, the bad and the ugly to try and prepare myself for any possibility that could happen. For some odd reason I was paranoid from the beginning of my pregnant that my baby would be breach and I think I jinxed myself. Starting at my 30 week prenatal appointment I would ask if he was head down and it was always a resounding yes. A couple of nights before my 35 week appointment I felt Dante moving like crazy, to the point that my stomach was sore the next morning. I called to doctor just to ensure everything was ok and they told me it was probably just Braxton Hicks contractions, but I know that is the night that he turned. When I went in for my appointment the doctor suspected that the baby was breech and sent me across the hall for an ultrasound. They confirmed that Dante was frank breach and I was really upset about it at first.

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Time out

Time out
    Dante was a little over two at the time this photo was taken and he was huffing on the time out stool…that he put himself on

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Food Journey

From the moment Leela was born she cried and cried and cried. We quickly learned that she had a pretty severe dairy sensitivity. As a breastfeeding mom I had to eliminate all dairy from my diet, that means no milk, butter or cheese! I have also been a pescatarian for many years, which means I do not eat meat but I do eat fish. Adapting to basically a vegan diet was very difficult at first, once you start reading ingredients you realize that dairy is in everything. I tried many new recipes during this period, some were good and some were very bad. It definitely broadened our eating horizons though and overall was a very healthy diet for me and Leela. I will be posting different recipes on this blog that I have tried, some dairy free and some not. Now that I am done nursing we have three different dietary requirements, dairy free, meat free, and meat eating, which can make mealtime a challenge.

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