Mommy is running away

Getting out of the house in the morning is always a little hectic. I have so many bags and cups that I usually make a separate trip to the car in the morning before I take the kids down. One morning I said to Dante, “I am going to take this stuff to the car, I’ll be right back”. Dante said,  “Ok, I’ll stay here with Leela”. I thought he was being really sweet and said, “Thanks Dante that is nice of you”. As soon as I start to open the baby gate Dante yells,  “Look Leela mommy is running away” !

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“What’s that guy doing?”

171 WawrykowI was stopped at a light as we were driving to school and Dante said, “Whats that guy doing?”.  I look around and don’t see anyone.  It was October so I thought maybe he saw a scarecrow or some other Halloween decoration in a yard, but don’t see anything and he keeps asking me what the guys is doing. Then I realized it is a Jesus statue on the side of a church.

I start talking about Jesus and God and how he lives in heaven. Then Dante says, “Mommy I can’t see it”.  Everything is so literal and clearly we need to up our religious education game.

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Meet Daddy at the Dinosaur Museum

We were at the park after naps and I said to Dante, “Lets go home and start dinner, daddy will be home soon”.

Dante looked at his wrist and said “its’ 5 o’clock I have to go meet Daddy at the dinosaur museum”.

Um, it’s 3:45 and you don’t wear a watch…

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“What are you talking about mommy”?

As we were driving to school dante was chatting up a storm and I didn’t understand about half of what he was saying but just pretended and went along with it. Then he stops and says “What are you talking about mommy?”.  I died laughing and said, “I have no idea, what are you talking about”.

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