Food Journey

From the moment Leela was born she cried and cried and cried. We quickly learned that she had a pretty severe dairy sensitivity. As a breastfeeding mom I had to eliminate all dairy from my diet, that means no milk, butter or cheese! I have also been a pescatarian for many years, which means I do not eat meat but I do eat fish. Adapting to basically a vegan diet was very difficult at first, once you start reading ingredients you realize that dairy is in everything. I tried many new recipes during this period, some were good and some were very bad. It definitely broadened our eating horizons though and overall was a very healthy diet for me and Leela. I will be posting different recipes on this blog that I have tried, some dairy free and some not. Now that I am done nursing we have three different dietary requirements, dairy free, meat free, and meat eating, which can make mealtime a challenge.

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