I hate you

I was preparing dinner the other night and I let Dante watch a couple of minutes of the movie Aladdin while I was busy. After a couple of minutes he walks into the kitchen and says, “I hate you”. I was shocked and thought maybe I misheard him so I asked him to repeat it and he said it again. I know he had no idea what he was saying because he had a smile on his face and happily said it, but I was very hurt by it and gave him a very stern talk.

I told him that we don’t say that because it isn’t nice and it hurts our feelings and he was very sad after our conversation. I felt bad that he was sad, but I also wanted to impress on him that we don’t say hurtful worlds. I assumed it was from the movie because that’s not something we ever say, but I’m not sure. To be safe it has been deleted from our DVR. I know this is the first of many discussions about what we do and don’t say. The next day he showed me that he was listening and took our conversation to heart because Joe was cutting the grass and said he hated cutting around the one area and Dante scolded him and told him, “we don’t say that word Daddy”.

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