Leela Dairy Test

imageIt was a beautiful Saturday evening, which of course calls for ice cream. When we go out for ice cream we always take a Popsicle or dairy free ice cream treat for Leela. Typically she is content with her own special treat, but today she was very interested in the ice cream that we were all eating and kept asking for a bite of my twist ice cream with sprinkles.  Every couple of months we do a test and give her some kind of dairy product to see how she reacts and since we hadn’t tested it in a while I decided to give her some. She of course loved it and ate a good amount. I was extremely nervous to see how the night would go because typically she wakes up many times squirming and crying in pain. She slept through the night and seemed totally fine! I am going to give it a couple of days to see how her body reacts as it comes out of her, but hopefully this is a turning point.

While I have gotten used to the dietary adjustments and always making sure that I have food for her at parties, restaurants, running around, it would be nice to have the option to order off the menu or on the go. 

As summer has progressed we have been able to give her more and more dairy treats including ice cream, macaroni and cheese, cookies and cupcakes. I can still tell when we go overboard because she will be kicking her legs and tossing and turning, but it is sooo much better than it was. The doctor has encouraged us to continue giving her dairy because it is a “use or lose it” enzyme in the gut and since it is going so well my hope is that in the future she will be able to generally enjoy dairy treats with her friends without being in pain.

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