Mom & Dad

Dante is now 3 ½ years old and that time has gone by in the blink of an eye. Lately I have noticed him calling me and Joe by Mom and Dad instead of Mommy and Daddy. It seems like an inconsequential and easily missed thing, but it shows me that he is growing up and won’t be my “little” boy forever. With this realization brings great joy and sadness. Dante is imaginative, silly, loving, cautious, sweet, kind, helpful and playful.

I absolutely love seeing him grow up into such a handsome young boy. I love being able to have conversations with him. He is very inquisitive, constantly asking questions and paying attention to EVERYTHING we say for good and bad. Dante can be shy and hold back until he gets comfortable, but once he does he is hilarious. He says things daily that make me crack up. He is oddly obsessed with being tickled, to the point that he is somewhat immune to it. He likes to play rough and run and jump all around the living room.

Dante is also so sweet and loving. Everyday he gives us big hugs and kisses. It melts my heart to hear him randomly say, “I love you”. Often he will ask, “can I give you a hug”. When he is upset about something not going his way and begins to have a meltdown instead of getting frustrated (which is really hard sometimes) I will ask him if he needs a hug and often that is enough to calm him down and be rational.

He is a great big brother… most of the time. He will hold Leela’s hand while we are out walking, hug her and cuddle on the couch with her. I know Dante will be Leela’s biggest cheerleader. At the park he encourages her and supports her when she is timid about trying something new. He will yell at the bottom of the slide to her, “you can do it, I won’t let anything happen to you”.

It has been a wonderful 3 years so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Dante Stocking
Dante Crying
Dapper Dante
Dante & Leela
Dante Phips
Dante Hipster
Dante Cheesing it up

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