My Shoes

Leela has figured out how to climb into the car and her car seat. She is miss independent and has to do it herself every time, but sometimes she doesn’t listen when we tell her its time to get into her seat. When this happens we usually have to pick her up and put her in which doesn’t make her very happy. This scenario happened the other day and while I was wrangling her into her chair her shoe fell off. I tried to get it back on but she was flailing around and wouldn’t let me so I put it on the ground and figured I would do it when we got to our destination. Within one minute of our twenty minute drive she started screaming, “my shoe, my shoe, my shoe” and this continued for the ENTIRE drive. By time we got to our destination I was beyond frustrated after listening to her scream non stop for so long.

When I got to work I was telling a coworker the story and he was laughing. Now in the moment it was not funny at all, but I can see how it would be from an outside perspective. Sometimes that is what you need, an outside perspective to make you see the other side of things. After some time passed even I could kinda laugh about it. Its all about finding the funny in the everyday moments. It might take a while for you to find it but most situations are so ridiculous that its entertaining once you think about it.

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