OK to Wake Clock

img_1308 Dante has always been a relatively good sleeper with the exception of being an early riser. Lately he was waking up way too early and climbing into our bed at 4 am ready to get the party started. Clearly that didn’t work for us, so we bough the OK to Wake Clock and it has been great.

You set the clock to whatever time you want your child to get out of bed and the clock lights up green when that time comes. We set the time of the clock to 5:30 am, which is still probably really early for most people, but for us that is considered a great nights sleep since we are morning people.


Dante picked up on the concept from day one and got so excited to wait for the clock to turn green and then he wanted to show us it every time. It has not only kept him in bed longer it has helped him even sleep longer sometimes. I have watched him on the monitor wake up around 5 am and he will intently watch the clock to see when it turns green, but occasionally he will fall back asleep until 6-6:30 am.

On the weekends the kids ask to sleep together in Leela’s bed and it has helped both of them stay in bed on those nights. I have even heard them wake up before the clock turns green and chat together until it is time to get out of bed, which is adorable. I plan on buying one for Leela’s bedroom soon and I have already told many people about it because it has worked so well for us.

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